Mamas & Papas Octopus Playmat Gym | Review

I have the say this Mamas & Papas Octopus Playmat has to be one of my favourite things that Little M has.

What I loved about being pregnant this time was my big sister was pregnant too so we had lots of fun looking a baby things and chatting to each other about things to buy or avoid!

Its was my sister who came across this playmat and it was on offer for £30 so she snapped them up and got one for her little Cub too. (Thank you!)

What I first loved about the playmat was the bag that is comes in, its reusable and fits in snuggly so it can be put away easily.

I love the bright colours but I really liked the fact it wasn’t the bright yellows and greens etc that majority of baby toys are in.

There is so much going on with this playmat; the tenticles are crinkly or have a squeaker in and Little M loves kicking his legs so he can hear all the noises. There is 4 toys hanging down which again have bells, crinkly noises or a squeakers in and the toys are detachable and can go around the side of the playmat to make tummy time more fun.

Speaking of tummy time, the top of the Octopus’s head is cushioned so this make tummy time more comfortable for Little M.

I couldn’t get a clear photo here of Little M doing tummy time and he just keeps on moving!

This playmat is used all the time, there’s so much Little M can do with it and he absolutely loves looking and touching everything on it.


*please note; I did not receive a discount nor were asked from Mamas & Papas to write this review.



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