Miserable Weather

We really haven’t had nice weather this summer.

There was one week in March & June where it was lovely but of course that had to end. I have now given in to the fact that I have to buy a pair of wellies.

Now the only reason I’ve been putting it off this Summer is because keep thinking, “Ill end up buying them and it will be lovely weather and never wear them”. I’ve now come to terms that this is never going to happen. We might be lucky to get a week of sunshine again but in Britain you need wellies all year round.

So, I have been hunting for a pair for a while now and finally found the ones I want.

I want them simple, preferably black, but I don’t want them too plain!

As I do the weekly fashion updates, which means I spy on celebs outfits throughout the week and pick my favorite outfits, I manage to find the perfect pair for me.


I am in love.

They do look a lot nicer in person and I know they are a little pricey but they are going to be worn nearly everyday and with this backdated money at the end of the month they are affordable!

Now I need a coat…




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