So last week I was lucky enough to recieve £80 worth of vouchers to do a Morrisons shop!


On Sunday 3rd May I went along to my local Morrisons. The bus journey over took about 20mins in which Mini K fell asleep, but had woken up once we got there.

My first impressions of the store where great, every food section was clearly marked so you knew which isles to go down and the staff where friendly/helpful.

First things I picked up was  fruit and vegtables. I then continued on and picked up everything I normally would for my weekly shop, and a few cheeky extras!

At the checkout the woman who served me was lovely and chatty. As we where walking out the store Mini K got a little bit moany and was then sick! Within seconds there was a member of staff over with a bucket and wipes and helped me clean it all up – big thank you to the staff in Morrisons for not making a fuss and being so quick! We then hopped into a taxi.


photo 8

My #MorrisonsMum shop came to a total of £80.10 and I have to say the quality of the Morrions own branded things I got was excellent and I’ve got enough food to last nearly 2 weeks!


Mini K had perked up again by the time we got home, was maybe because I got her a little pressie in Morrions – ‘Pretty Pony Family’ for £5

Once everything was unpacked I started on our tea for that night. I made a sausage casserole;
Richmond Sausages: £1.05
Colman’s Season & Shake Sausage & Herb Casserole Seasoning Mix: £1.19
Morrisons White Potatoes: £2
Morrisons Organic Carrots: 85p

The next day, after a bowl of Kellogs Crunchy Nut, £2, we got crafty. For only £3 we picked up a bird house that came with paints to decorate yourself.


photo 1

Mini K really doing this enjoyed this – she decorated it with flowers and just random splots of paint. It now has a place in our garden.

Once the birdhouse had been decorated and we where waiting on it to dry I made us some lunch.

Kingsmill Bread: £1.35
Catherdral City Cheese: £4
Morrisons Smoked Ham: £1.69
Morrisons Prawn Shells Crisps: 70p
Petit Filous: £1.50
Milk: 84p

Myself and Mini K tried out the Petit Filous Milkshake Me and we both loved it.

For tea that night  we had Chiken Korma and  Tikka Masala (3 for £5)
Morrisons Poppadoms: £1.15
Morrisons fresh Chicken Pakora: £2.49
And we also watched The Lorax: £5

That evening we also made Hello Kitty cupcakes, £1.89.


As we’ve just recently moved into our new house I picked up 2 of these baskets for £1.50 each that are perfect for the bathroom cupboard and a new mop for £5.


Throughout the week for work I had plenty of things to make for lunch, including a salad;
Cuecumber: 25p
Lettuce: 65p
Carrots: 85p
Ham: £1.69

Tuna & Phili Pasta
Tuna: £4
Philidelphia: £1.85
Cathederal City Cheese : £4

and cheese & ham sandwhiches.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the quality and the service I received from Morrisons and will definitely be going back. Has any of you tried out Morrisons lately? What did you think? 

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