My Hospital Bag – Part 2

img_6670 My Labour Bag!

A few weeks back I did a post on what was generally inside my hospital bags (I have a Labour Bag and a Main Hospital Bag)

So, I thought I’d share in a bit more detail what is in my Labour Bag…

  • A wash bag (full list of what is in there in Part 1)
  • A nightie – I don’t own any nighties and didn’t want to spend lots on something I’d never wear again
  • Baby Mori blanket and baby grow, vest & hat – I love Baby Mori, so soft and made from bamboo! I signed up for their monthly subscription a few months ago.
  • Tissues!
  • My dressing gown and slippers
  • Just need to add in some snacks

I’ve included links to where everything is from.

Recently keep checking both bags to make sure I have everything.

Soon to follow; My Main Hospital Bag!

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