My plans for 2012

Well like I said a few months ago I was going to share with all of you my plans for 2012!

End of January (30th) I am going to an event in London to discuss how to help prevent gang violence – if you have any thought please let me know I would love your imput and it will be put forward!

As of last night I finished my business plan *jumps for joy* which now means I can go onto do a panel meeting with The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) and get more funding to get Giggles and Tickles officially up and running. I hope to do this by mid-February – also got my friend Claire’s daughter, Sophie’s, 1st birthday (cant wait for the bouncy castle).

Once I have the loan I can then get all the equipment I need and pay for the SECC Scottish Baby Show hopefully this will be done by end-February 

Then March will be spent preparing for the Baby Show, getting my website officially done up so you can make profiles etc. making sure I have flyers, posters, business cards and of course stock for the Baby Show.

April I have my 21st birthday then a couple of days after that (26th, 27th and 28th) will be the Baby Show. Once that’s done I will hopefully start running some workshops with young parents.

I am then hoping that after the Baby Show and the official launch of Giggles and Tickles I will be even more busy – this time not with meetings on trying to finish my business plan but with meetings with you guys and with my baby gifts.

That pretty much takes me through to June – got Jack’s 2nd birthday (Sarah’s wee boy) and Kaiden’s 1st birthday (my cousins wee boy) and then my other cousin Jennifer’s wedding where I am a bridesmaid! Cant wait for that.

Time certanley does fly because as of 4th July Kiera will be TWO cant get over how quick thats came in – after her birthday I am then planning on going down to England, Hull for a week to see my oldest friend Emily – who I have not seen in about 10 years! 

Starting September I am going to college to study the 3 Highers I need to get into the fashion course I want to do they are English, Art & Design and Drama – I applied for these today! This Also means Kiera will start nursery.

Cant wait for Halloween – October – as Kiera will be older it will be a lot more fun

So far nothing major planned for November or December  but I of course will be busy doing what I love – being a mum, working on my business and at college (:

Would just like to take this opportunity to thank The Prince’s Trust & PSYBT for all the support that you have given me – such an amazing organisation I 100% advise anyone to go to them. Also, of course, my family & friends – Sarah and Claire you guys have been amazing offering to help me at the Baby Show etc. even inspiring me for some gifts ideas to come soon. My mum, dad, brother and sister for baby sitting at short notice when I have meetings I can’t take Kiera too and offering me support throughout my business venture.
I’d like to thank all  my followers on twitter and who read my blog for supporting Giggles and Tickles – I promise everyone I won’t let you down!





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  • Hayley
    February 2, 2012 at 16:44

    Great to hear that the business plan is done, you have worked really hard so good luck at panel – although I am sure you will be just fine!!

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