As part of my 21st birthday present my aunt Eunice signed me up to Neways – the safety conscious company.

Neways started in 1987, when the founders discovered that mainstream products often contained the same potentially harmful ingredients as found in chemical formulations. In response, Neways began manufacturing safety-conscious alternatives.
Working from a kitchen table, they began the process of developing a range og products that contained only safety-conscious, effective ingredients, pioneering a new way of thinking and a new awareness of the ingredients contained in the products that we take for granted everyday.
Today, those core principles are still the foundation on which Neways continues to build its business.
Neways formulates, manufactures, and distributes over 200 different products in three major categories and markets them in over 30 countries worldwide:
1. Health & wellness
2. Personal care
3. Household

I have really dry, sensitive skin and also suffer from eczema. About 3 months ago I started using Neways products and the difference in my skin is incredible. The products range from skincare to capsules, pretty much everything you need/use on a daily basis.
The Neways products I use already are;
Tender Care hand & body lotion – twice daily.
Lipceutical summer care.
Refresh bath & shower gel.
Eliminator mouthwash.
Ultrashine Radiance toothpaste.
Omega 3 EPA – three times daily.

Neways has a fantastic children’s range as well which I have just received a bottle of the Shampoo.
I plan on changing all my products to Neways as I am finding it is defiantly working for me.

If you are interested or wanting to know more about what Neways offer then please just get in touch and I will give you all the information you need! – or leave a comment.


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