Yesterday I went in for my operation. It was just day surgery so I was told to be there for 12.

I took with me books, note pads, my phone, earphones, pens and charger because I new I’d end up waiting an hour or so before the op. When I got there I was taken onto the ward with a few other women who were there for day surgery, a nurse came round and checked our blood pressure, did a few routine questions and then said I was second on the list so would be getting taken through shortly.

While waiting I played Angry Birds, SuperRope (which I am crap at…) and then did some work, planning a new venture! The whole time I had no signal which was crap, hence the no tweeting!

Around 2.15 I was walked round to the anesthetic room and this is where the fun begins. All I can remember is talking to the nurse about Giggles and Tickles, Kiera and my tattoos then what felt like 5 minutes (was actually an hour) I was getting woken up by another nurse. Once I had woken up a bit I was then taken back onto the ward.

My vision was so blurry for about half an hour after, I was apparently really pale and had a very dry sore throat. I was then given water, tea and a cheese sandwich. I could barely eat the sandwich because my throat was still really sore but the water and tea was great. About 4.30 I was aloud to go home so a nurse came and took the cannular out my hand – which was flippin’ sore! And because I was still drugged up I couldn’t feel the pain in my stomach just now, but my whole body started aching – this is to do with the gas wearing off.

I am now still lying in bed, feeling like I have been beaten up on the inside, my stomach is swollen and my hand is bruised from the drip. I can’t burp, sneeze, laugh, cough… anything.

Kiera’s been good, I think she knows there is something up because I’m just lying in bed while she gets looked after. She’s came and gave me cuddles and kisses this morning and I think shes now napping.

The operation was a camera going through my belly-button to have a look at what is causing me this terrible pain I get and have had since having Kiera. I have been given really strong painkillers to take every 4 – 6 hours. Can’t wait until I am recovered!


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