Out With The Old

Again I have went through eveything in the house and put things in piles of;
Charity shop,

I even ended up going through some of Kiera’s old toys. I love having a total clear out, makes me feel good. Although it does mean a few trips running up and the close down stairs with bin bags, or trying to carry Kiera and a bag full of clothes to take to a charity shop down them. But hey, I manage!

Some of you might remember me saying for my 21st, which was on the 18th April, all I asked for was a whole new wardrobe of clothes and shoes. I love clothes. Although, sometimes the way I dress may say otherwise. I feel that now I am officially a business woman, mum and still young that I need to get my act together and start wearing what I really want to wear – but for some reason put it off and buy Kiera clothes instead. Before having Kiera the only clothes I really had were work clothes, going out clothes and comfy clothes for spray-tans and hangovers. It wasn’t until Kiera was born I really realized that I had no nice everyday clothes! And I bet I’m not the only one. Just because your a mum doesn’t mean fashion and style goes out the window!

This Saturday I am going shopping, for me. I can’t wait. I already know what I want and what I will, hopefully, get. And of course I’ll take lots pictures of what I got.

The first time I went shopping after I had given birth must have been about 3 weeks later and let me tell you I found it really hard. One of my mums friends had given me a voucher to get myself some new clothes from River Island when I was pregnant and said I wasn’t to use it until a few weeks after giving birth. Before I used to be a size 6 in RI jeans and it got a little upsetting having to go up in size but I’m not going to get anything too small as that would just look 100 times worse! Luckily for me my baby belly went down pretty quick so I ended up getting the size 8 in two pairs of jeans. I went around a few other shops and just ended up getting upset, feeling that nothing suited me and I wasn’t too sure about what look to go for, it all got a bit too much. I guess this is why I’ve maybe put off going properly shopping for myself. Also I think RI sizes are a bit out because a few months ago I bought a pair of skinny jeans from New Look and they were a size 10 but my size 8 River Island jeans are too big now… But after a few months of bootcamp there my size 10 skinnys are too big for me now.

It’s actually been a good while since I’ve felt comfortable with my body again, it changes so much with pregnancy that I really struggled with it. When I was pregnant, for example, my bust went from a small B to a full C and then after went to an A – not amused. I also had bad water-retention in my ankles, luckily that’s easy to hide and did go away after birth. One thing I was grateful for was I didn’t get any stretch marks, my bump didn’t get big at all and I covered myself in Bio-Oil morning and night!

The bootcamp I went to for 2 months helped get my body toned up again too. I had done dancing since the age of 3 so was always in good shape and that probably what I found hard about my post-baby body. So now is the perfect time to get a new wardrobe!

Not going to lie though, there is a big chance I will buy Kiera at least one new thing – can’t help it.

As I’ve also mentioned before, I think it’s important to get the right makeup so going and getting it done professionally for some tips is a great idea. I know MAC counters offer this, I think there is a £20 charge but you get that back to spend on makeup and they are all really friendly and helpful in there – I am going there on Saturday to get mine done and buy some more MAC. Big Boots stores have them as well at there Benefit, Max Factor or other makeup brand counters and they are free and most department stores have this too.

Too much makeup on anyone is never a good look, no matter who you are.

I can’t wait to go shopping on Saturday and don’t worry mum, I won’t be too bad this time – promise! xx

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