Yesterday I had decided to get up, shower, get dressed and do my makeup. I was feeling quite a bit better, still can’t bend down properly or walk to fast though.

About 10.30 when Kiera had gone for a nap I decided to go to the pharmacy, which is literally down the street, to pick up some meds.


I wish I didn’t, I got half way down and started to get quite sore. By the time I was back home I had to lie down and was nearly crying because of the pain.

Total idiot.

I’m so crap and doing nothing! And I really thought I was a lot better.

Today, I’m just taking it easy again. Going to tidy the house, slowly! Might try and go to the park because the weathers meant to be lovely again.

Typical the nice weathers here when I’m recovering!!

What are you doing today??


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