Philips Avent | Bottles & Thermometer Review

When I was pregnant with Little M Philips Avent kindly sent us a little goodie box of bits and now that Little M is 11 weeks old (can you believe it!) I thought it was about time we did a review on them!

Philips Avent has always been a brand I’ve used and trusted for baby things.

We were sent 3 Natural bottles, the difference between the Natural and Classic bottles is the shape of the teat. The Natural ones are best for using when you are also breastfeeding as it mimics the breast therefore making it easier for baby to switch between breast and teat.

We were also sent a bath/room thermometer which I have to say I love! With Mini K I didn’t get a bath thermometer and to be honest thought there wasn’t really much point in them (I did the old check the temp. with your elbow trick). Now that I’ve got one though I absolutely love it and feel like I was crazy for not having one before! It’s great for making sure the bath is the right temperature and during the day I have it out in Little M’s bedroom to keep a wee eye on the temp in there too.

Finally, in the goodie box was a pack of microwaveable sterilising bags which I haven’t used yet but I’ve popped some in my nappy bag in case of an emergency and these will be great for when we go down to England in a few months.

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