Pregnancy: My Body/Skincare Must Haves

Naturally I have quite dry skin but from memory the last time I was pregnant my skin became even more sensitive and dry so this time I tried to be on top of it from the beginning.


I’ve been using the following products and I couldn’t do without them!

Aveeno Skin Relief – for all over my body including face. I put this on just before bed.

Carishea Moisturising Scrub – for in the bath/shower. Absolutely love this, makes my skin feel amazing and love massaging it into my bump

Carishea Body Balm –  For my bump to keep stretchmarks at bay. I still don’t have any stretchmarks but I put it down to using this body balm daily.

Carishea Bath Salts – I ran out of these the night I took this photo! But the bath salts are great. I feel like I step out the bath fully moisturised

Vaseline – as well as dry skin my lips go dry too! So using vaseline morning and night has been helping

Treseme Hair Volume Moose – Pregnancy is wonderful for your hair! It falls out less, grows quicker and just looks so healthy. I have naturally really thick, long hair and love a bit of volume in my hair so I have been using this every day when my hair is wet I apply it to the roots and the dry it. I find my hair stays volumised for the full day.

So that’s my top products, I find these all work wonders for me!

The Calvin Klein crop-top has to be one of my best purchases so far too, I have 3 of these and wear them every night when doing my skincare routine.

Fancy trying some of the Carishea products I’ve mentioned? Get 15% off with code Giggles until the 7th October 2016!

What works / doesn’t work for you?

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