Prince’s Trust Volunteer Conference

I was asked, with a few other Young Ambassadors and fellow Enterprise progam peeps, to attend the Prince’s Trust Volunteer Conference which was held today.

The conference was the first one that has been held in Scotland and was for all the lovely people who dedicate there time to the Prince’s Trust.

There are many roles in being a Trust volunteer weather it being; mentoring, raising money, working on programs and much more. (If you are interested just pop onto the Prince’s Trust’s website)

Today there was about 5 Young Ambassadors (including myself) and about 4 people that had been on the Enterprise progam (again including myself), there was of course lots of the Prince’s Trust staff and about 130 volunteers. The conference was all about letting them understand what else the Trust does, what programs it runs and giving them a chance to talk to us and see what we have achieved, learned and gained from the Trust and letting them know how important their role is.

It was a really good day, we all started off in the main conference room in the Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, and then got split up in to groups to go through different rooms and learn more about each program the Trust offers. This gave everyone a chance to learn and ask questions about the other programs.

At lunchtime I grabbed a few sandwiches and then got to networking, the ones that had been on the Enterprise program had little tables that we could put flyers etc. on and chat to people about what we are doing just now. It was really great chatting to everyone there.

After lunch everyone went back through to the main conference room. The event was finishing at 4 but I had to leave at 2 because I needed to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau (re. my previous post), luckily Louise was driving into town as she had to leave to so I got a life – thank you!

The event was really good, I was actually gutted to leave but I really needed to sort out this horrible situation we are left in.


An update on the previous post: Went to CAB to find out what to do the woman I got was really helpful, sat and went through everything with me and told  me what I am entitled to. Tomorrow I have a lot of phone calls to make but should all be sorted.



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