Public Transport Etiquette

Dear fellow public transport commuters,

It is with great sadness that I am finally drawn to writing this and posting it. Before I get started I just had a few questions that I’d like you to ask yourself;

  1. When you are on a bus/train do you take the first seat you get to or do you go nearer the back so those more in need can access the front seats?
  2. Do you look out the window or at your phone as soon as you see someone who needs the seat more than you come on the bus?
  3. Have you ever offered your seat to someone who is more in need of a seat than you?

I for one when I’m on a bus or a train I always offer my seat – even Mini K has gotten into the habit of this.

The last few weeks as my baby bump has gotten bigger I’ve noticed, and got more angry, that no one has ever offered me their seat. Even though then can see me struggle to stand on the moving bus and wince in pain.

I know you are tired and you have been working all day and all you want to do is SIT down on the bus/train on the way home and chill out for a bit. Trying being pregnant on top of that.

I’m in the last trimester, I am huge compared to when I was expecting Mini K and on top of that I have PGP (which I know looking at me no one knows – bar the look of pain in my face). Everyday getting the bus home I walk on and it’s packed (rush hour). I’ve started to swing my coat open as if to say “hey everybody – baby on board here… PLEASE GIVE ME A SEAT?!” – useless. Everyone looks away. If they can’t see me then this isn’t actually happening right?

I’m currently at the stage where I am struggling with balance – so imagine standing on a bus trying to hold on, trying not to use your stomach muscles because… oh the pain! Each time the bus stops I wince in pain, the last couple of times even got a little teary.

I see people looking at me, some even looking at me as if they feel sorry for me – but do I get offered a seat? No.

The last couple of weeks have been appalling.

  • I’ve been squashed up against the poles and the seats on the bus
  • Pushed, shoved, squashed – you name it
  • Oh and the best of all I’ve been asked to “breath in” or “move in”

I am so sorry – I appear to be growing a child and my bump is huge (incase you clearly couldn’t see) I am so sorry I can not “breath in just a little bit more” I already have a pole squashing me right across my stomach and incase you couldn’t see on top of that my eyes are watering and I’m clenching my jaw – IN PAIN.

This is all true.

You know what’s funny though? There’s been a few times a seat has became free but I’ve seen an OAP get on the bus and I offer it to them.

Now this isn’t just happening to “poor old pregnant me” this is happening to OAP’s and others who should be prioritised seats.

What do you think about this?

Do you agree with what I’ve said?

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