Save the date!

Get out your diarys and save the 18th April 2012.

Yes this is my birthday (I’ll be 21 by the way) but that’s not why I want to save the date –┬áthis is the date of the official launch of Giggles & Tickles!

This is also the week before the Scottish Baby Show and yes, it does mean from now until then I will be running around like mad (with Kiera of course) trying to get everything perfect for the launch and the Baby Show.

But I am ready and sooooo excited!

I had the 25th originally but that being the day before the Baby Show was pushing it a little so thought what better way to celebrate truing 21 then launching my business.

if there is anything particular you would like to see on Giggles & Tickles then please email or leave a comment – this website is designed to help you so your imput is important.






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