Shnuggle Bath | Review

This has to be one of my favourite baby buys…

The Shnuggle Baby Bath.

First impressions:

  • Its quite compact, not big and bulky like a lot of baby baths are
  • The foam backrest is great – its soft and padded and also means baby isn’t putting their back on cold plastic
  • It looks nice – I love the look of this bath, it’s clean and modern looking
  • Bum support! Fantastic, this means babies from newborn + can sit in the bath and be comfy and safe in there

The first use:

  • The first time bathing a newborn is always scary, I don’t think anything can take that fear away! I was also nervous about this as Mini K absolutely hated baths up until she was about 2 so I was dreading the thought of Little M being the same.
    However, I have the say this was the most chilled out and alert  I’d seen him (he was 3 days old by this point.)
    C held his hands just under Little M’s armpits as he was a very floppy still and I washed him.

Overall verdict:

  • We’ve been using this bath pretty much daily for the past 3 months and we love it! And what’s even better is Little M loves it too (you can see clips of him smiling away on my Instagram). I’ve started putting the bath in the kitchen sink so that Little M is eye level, which he loves and because he’s started splashing so at least some of the water goes into the sink! However, I’ve just noticed that Shnuggle also sell a stand for the bath so I may invest in one of those soon.
    I absolutely love the fact that within a few short weeks Little M could sit it in without one of us holding him meaning that we could spend the bath time chatting away and playing and capturing amazing smiles. Little M looks so comfortable in the bath too.

I definitely recommend this bath – its fantastic!


Shnuggle are offering you 10% off purchases over £30 when you enter the code: giggles10



*please note; I did not receive a discount nor were asked from Shnuggle to write this review.

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