Sleepyheads Deluxe Review

“Is it really worth the money? Do we really need it?”

When I’m looking at buying baby things, or anything really, I always ask myself these questions. I find, particularly with baby things, there are so many products advertised and pushed onto new mums & dads that they “must have” when in reality they don’t need it at all.

I don’t know if I looked at thing differently this time round when buying things because I’ve “been there, done that” so knew what I’d use and what I wouldn’t or if it’s just the way I shop now – I constantly check reviews on things before I buy.

When I first found out we were expecting Little M I’d heard a lot about these Sleepyheads but I kept thinking to myself “do we really need one of these?” as they do feel quite pricey. I held off for a few months and then eventually decided to get one.

I have to say, after a month of using it with Little M I love it and I wish I had one for Mini K.

The pod is nice and sturdy – what I like most is how cosy Little M looks in it and he settles so quickly in it.

There are lots of amazing colours and designs, I found it really hard to choose one.

Another question I had when getting this was “how easy is this to wash?” – babies are sick or have exploding poo’s so of course to make our lives easier we want something hassle free to wash and dry. The first time I washed this I found the cover really easy to come off but struggled a little putting it back on, however the second and third time I’ve washed it I’ve found it much easier and know how to do it.

I have to say I definitely recommend a Sleepyhead.

It’s portable, comfy, cosy, snug, stylish and most importantly Little M loves it!

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