Spaghetti Face

Just thought I’d share this picture…

Again for me this week so far has be another busy one. Sorting out what I want the official website to look like, two meetings with two people from PSYBT and more work. Today’s meeting was a funny one though…

I was to go to Sarah’s office on Bothwell Street, Glasgow. I new the name of the street but couldn’t think where it was so I went and got a coffee and then searched on my BlackBerry maps for directions from Exchange Place to Bothwell Street, I followed the directions and started to panic about the time.

I got there 15 minutes late.

Then I looked at the map picture and realised that my BlackBerry hadn’t taken me the ‘quickest route’ like it said and took me on a detour around flipping Glasgow. I could have actually walked in a straight line and been there in about 3 minutes!

Not amused – this wouldn’t have happened if I had an iPhone.

Anyway, I went in and sat down in the waiting room and then Sarah came and got me. We got to work straight away on the Cash Flow, starting a new one from April…


Yep, that’s right, a fire alarm starts going off.

We both presumed it was just a test and continued working but then comes in one of the fire marshals and tells us we need to get out the building now. So out we went into the cold and stood there for about 20 minutes and then got back in. We got straight back to it and sorted most of it out – I now have a few things to do before our next meeting.

I swear I can’t ever have a normal day!

Then this evening I had another bootcamp class. I’m still really enjoying it and feeling the benefits!






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