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Holy moly… I can’t believe it’s been a year of Swoon visits! And to celebrate I thought I’d do a Swoon Nails Appreciation blog and share in one post all the amazing nails I’ve had over the last 12 months.

  1. Pineapple Express
    This is where it all began. My sister booked us in to get our nails done for her flamazing wedding (which btw a blog about that will be coming soon). The theme was pineapple and flamingos so my nails fitted perfectly.
    These are also extensions, my nails were awful at this point but for my sisters wedding I didn’t want short nails.

2. Magical Unicorn
So this is when I decided to stop with extensions and try and grow my nails, hence the shortness. From these nails onwards they are my own nail.
I absolutely loved these, so unicorny, so summery, so magical!

3. Disco Mermaid
Obv following on from unicorn nails you need to go for the next amazing mythical creature… MERMAID.

4. Monochrome Goldness
So we’d not long moved into our new house and sticking to the theme of our bedroom here this is what I got… Love it! So clean, simple but frigging awesome!

5. Autumn Vibes
Gold and silver foil over my nails & Mini K got some super cute decals on hers.

6. “I Vant To Sook Your Blood”
It was coming up for Halloween + I was pregnant = must have Halloween nails!

So these were my nails that I got for Little M being born. I didn’t want them obviously babyish and it was December so these icicle baby blue nails were spot on!

8. Chrome Unicon Madness
So this was 10 days after Little M was born – Yes I am that committed! Although I barely remember the appointment. But I loved these nails! And that appointment was a good pick-me-up

9. Girly Wirly
After a couple of months being engorged in boys things I had to go girls so naturally that was pink and sparkles!

10. Vintage Barbie
Still sticking with the girly theme. I saw these gorgeous Barbie decals and just had to get them! These nails were so fun and amazing

11. Negative Space
Anytime I go in and I’m unsure of what to get, it’s like Lia knows before I do! I knew I wanted negative space but wasn’t sure what else and then these beauts were created

12. Chrome Ombre
I feel like these are so magical.
I. Am. Obsessed.
Hot pink & bright tealy/blue with chrome over the top… wow. Just, wow.


Big thank you to the awesome Lia and Lauren. You ladies are insanely talented. Each time I get my nails done I think “oh, now these are my faves” and I’m always a little sad to get them redone but then I do and I’m in love all over again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

So there you have it, my nails for the past year!

Which were your faves?

Any suggestions for future nails??




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