Teething Tips

Recently my neighbor (who has a 6 month old) told me that her son was teething and she was having a nightmare of a time trying to find something to help him!

So, I suggested a few things that I did with Kiera;

– Frozen fruit/vegetables (carrots, apples, strawberrys)

– Bonjela rubbed on the gums

Teething rings

– Nelsons teething powder

The fresh frozen fruits and vegetables worked best for Kiera, but all children are different.

I found that it seems to be during the teething time that a lot of parents give in and give there little one a dummy. Personally I don’t think you should give them a dummy ever – if they’ve never had one they wont know what they are missing and it can become a nightmare to try and wean them off the dummy! When Kiera was just born I had tried to give her a dummy but she just didn’t take to it. I tried this once and then decided I didn’t want her to have a dummy anyway.

Hopefully these tips will help you steer off giving your little one a dummy.


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