Thinking about the future

The last couple of days I been really thinking, seriously, about the furute and where I want to be, what I want to be happening with Giggles & Tickles and of course Kiera’s future.

Next year, once I’ve finished my Highers and if business is picking up I’d love to get an office. Just a small one, but it would then give me a place for all my stock and to have meetings and to even hire staff. Although I would still do quite a bit at home with Kiera or I’d take her into the office on days she doesn’t have nursery.

I will be then going to Cardonald to study fashion and get a degree so that I can bring out my own range of maternity and baby wear.

Once I have completed this and my range of clothing is out I’d really love to move to America – this wouldn’t be for another 5 years and of course depending on my situation. I’ve always wanted to live there, and I know Kiera would love it too. I was actually looking at houses last night in Florida and California and there were a few hugeee ones for like £60k.

I have 100% faith in the business and I have worked really hard to get it the way it is and will continue working this hard.

Have you got plans for the future?





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