Time is Flying By

I have just realized the date – 06/03/2012 – Kiera is now 20 months (+2 days) old!

I cant believe it.

This has flown in, too fast. Soon it will be her 2nd birthday!

The last couple of months especially have went in so quick and its probably because I’m so busy just now trying to make sure everything will be done for the official launch, 18th April 2012. This week I have more meetings, hopefully the college will get back to me about starting in September then Ill need to get nursery sorted, then make sure I have all the forms filled out and sent away by the 11th April to officially be self-employed!

I would just like to remind you that you can get 10% off the flash cards in the reviews section and this months bootcamp, 3 sessions a week is down to £60! Again more details in the Bootcamp section.

What are you guys up to just now?




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