Toilet Training Tips!

There comes a point in every tiny tots life when it’s time to take one of the biggest, most-life changing milestones of their wee lives…
Its time to ditch the nappies and say, “Hello toilet!”

All children are different so don’t panic if you hear someone’s toddler was toilet trained at an earlier age than yours.

There is no official age to start toilet training. Most parents start between the age of two and three, boys tend to be ready a few months later than girls.

The muscles that control their bladder and rectum aren’t mature until they reach about 18 months to two years. That’s why waiting for signs that they are ready is the key to success, and starting too early will result in accidents.

So here are some of my tips I used when getting Kiera ready to be toilet trained:

  1. I started off telling Kiera what the toilet was for and let her pick a toddler training seat for it
  2. When it was noticable she was doing a poo I started to say, “Next time we should try going to the toilet”
  3. I started to then ask her if she needed the toilet and let her sit on it (making a big fuss when she peed/pooped)
  4. When she started to ask to go to the toilet I then took her shopping for big girl pants and let her pick them
  5. We then ditched the nappies, only using them for bedtime
  6. I made a chart so everytime she went to the toilet she could put a sticker in a square and when the chart was complete she got a suprise
  7. Anytime she had an accident I would say, “It’s okay, next time we’ll make the toilet”
  8. Once she was confident with going to the toilet we then started loosing the nappy at night-time
  9. Be prepared for wet-beds and tears (Kiera doesn’t like being messy)
  10. After some time Kiera’s confidence grew with going to the toilet and being more independant and nappies are now history.


Remember: make the whole experience exciting, this is a huge step for toddlers!

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