What do you wear to meet Prince Charles?

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of blogs!

Hope you have all been well and that the new year has started as a good one…

As for me, I have been very busy.

Today I went to Dumfries House with Helena, Hailey and Ken (Prince’s Trust workers) and Amanda, Peter and Ian (Young Ambassadors) – and what a crazy day it was!

I got up at 7am to get ready, I was so on the ball I even had time to enjoy a cup of coffee before I left for the 8.30 train. I arrived in town 10mins later, bought some water and then went over to Burger King – this is where we were all to meet at 9am – I then had a sudden panic and thought it was maybe Queen Street Station we were to meet at, since there is a BK in that one too, so I texted Helena to make sure.

This is where things start going bad…

Helena told me that Amy-Beth (the other Young Ambassador that was meant to be coming to do a speech) phoned her last night to say she wasnt well so couldnt make it, so Helena then asked Amanda to do her speech but that meant she would have to run into the office to print it out for her. So at this point Helena was on her way to the office and asked me to check when the next train to Kilmarnock was just in case we didn’t make the 9.12 train. When I got off the phone Amanda then arrived.

And it gets worse…

Amanda and I where sat chatting away just catching up as we hadnt seen each other in a while, when she went into her bag…

“Oh shit”

Amanda had to run for the train as she nearly missed it and on the way everything fell out her purse, her ID and invite where crucial to have for this event. I told her not to panic and I was sure they’d let her in. Hailey, Ken and Ian then arrived (still no sign of Helena or Peter) so Amanda told Hailey about what happened and was told to still come and we will try and get her in.

And there’s more…

Next thing I know its 4mins until the 9.12 train leaves so we start heading over to the platform. Hailey goes through the gate and we all stop and look at her like lost puppies.

Helena has our tickets.

Then we turn round and there she is running towards us trying to get the tickets out her bag and then said, “Wheres Peter?! He said he was here” – he wasn’t, and I had been there since 8.40 so he defietly wasn’t about. Helena then starts shouting, “PETER!!!” in the middle of central station thinking that he must have went to the shops or something, she then phones him…

He’s at Queen Street Station (approx. 8min walk)…

We all start panicing thinking “crap we’re missing this train and going to be late” – Hailey tells us to get on the train and we might have to wait on Helena and Peter arriving. So we went and sat down all looking at the doors, waiting for them to just run on…

8 seconds before the train leaves…

They made it! Phew. Amanda then explained to Helena what happened with her invite and ID and they came up with a plan C – if Amanda (plan B) doesnt get in then Ian (plan C) will have to do the speech. So we managed to semi-relax the rest of the journey to Kilmarnock. We got off the train and then got on a mini bus to Dumfries House, we arrived 15mins early so where told to go and wait in the cafe.

11am – time to head to the House, go through security, get a name badge, had over you coat/bag and sit down (colour coordinated). I was yellow, which was near the front. Oh, and yes Amanda got in and did her speech very well. After that we went through to another room to have tea, coffee and meet HRH.

What a lovely man.

He went around the room, filled with more than 100 people and shook everyones hand and had a wee chat with them. When he got to my groups (yellows) I was the first to be introduced to him (being an ambassador) – he asked me what course I did the the Trust and I then went on to tell him all about my business and how I am finalizing my business plan at the moment, he said it all sounded fantastic and wished me luck with it all.

I have to say, I honestly didn’t expect him to go around everyone and talk to them. He was so nice, and of course I was nervous but as soon as I was talking to him its almost as if I forgot he was a Prince.

What a day…






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  • Lisa
    January 25, 2012 at 14:31

    Can’t believe you got to meet HRH, I’m so jealous :) hope you had a great day

    Lisa x

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